Projects with a “c” are completed, but I firmly believe in continuous improvement. These are my babies, and I am always looking into ways to continue past projects, so there may be updates! I have videos or essays describing the processes, and will post them based on request.

Smart Cane-c

This project was my attempt to make a smart cane using $20 worth of sensors and building materials (excluding the cost of the Arduino). I was able to make it sense crosswalks (using infrared sensor because it was cheaper, used an RGB sensor as well but it would increase my budget), potholes (using an ultrasonic sensor), and approaching traffic (using a pan-and-tilt setup of ultrasonic sensors). I was able to assemble it onto a clear PVC pipe, but my aim for the future is to make it more transportable and durable (which is problematic because of the size of the components and wiring).

Machine Learning- Crime Rates- c

Attended Science Engineering and Research Academy at UCSB, took Machine Learning and Data Analysis at Python course, and created a project with Cami, Dylan, and Hawk. We used UC Urvine data reserves to perform multiple linear regression, analyzing crime reports to find the factors affecting crime rates. We found that a lack of access to facilities, education, and welfare programs leads to high crime rates.

Autodesk Inventor Greenhouse-c

With the PLTW Introduction to Engineering course, I learned 3D modeling. This Greenhouse was part of a Medieval-Indian castle that I built for my final project, but it was my favorite part of the assembly. I built the Greenhouse for my mom, and designed the plants and boxes based off of my mom’s ideal structure. I used Autodesk Inventor, creating the drawing files, part files, and, eventually, the assembly files for the pots, plants, and mechanical structures, and the final assembly file.

Bioengineering Pamphlet-c

Summer of 8th grade, I created a small book that acted as a basic English and career exposition book for Biomedical Engineering. I distributed this book to schools in my hometown to teach school children about their options.

Exoplanet Research-c

I joined the Exoplanet Research Workshop in the summer of my senior year. By analyzing transits and light curves, we were able to get co-authorship on a meta study about exoplanet Qatar-1b. I joined a smaller group with 4 students from California, and wrote a separate paper about our findings.

Coastal Erosion Comparison of Dredging and Diversion-c

In 7th grade, my local leaders were debating on ways to handle coastal erosion. One group was in favor of dredging, and the other was in favor of river diversion. So, in order to tackle the issue, I studied fluid mechanics and made a physical model for both situations, and compared the efficiency.

Poetry Book-c

This is a compilation of my favorite poems as I progressed through life. Publication date: October 25th

Study of Wangari Maathai-c

Photo credit: Green Belt Movement. I did a study of Wangari Maathai’s origins, life, and global impact as the creation of a social, global, environmenal, and political movement.

Study of Rachel Carson and Silent Spring-c

Photo credit: New York Times. Did a study of Rachel Carson’s life, and the impact of her book Silent Spring. She had to go through so many barriers, and the subversion she used to overcome these barriers is inspiring.

Water Quality Study- comparison of a suburban lake and an urban lake- c

I compared pH, phosphates, nitrates, dissolved oxygen, clarity, and temperature quantitatively. Then, I factored in biodiversity, geomorphology, pollution sources, human activity, and size into my analysis.


I built and coded a CNC machine. This took 2 months, because I was occupied with other activities during this time. I am trying to transform this machine into a 3D printer.

Climate Change App

Photo credit: Scientific American. I am coding an app to be similar to Temple Run that exposes children to climate change. There are rewards based off of steps walked to a location, recycling, I have been working on this app for 3 years now.

Analysis of Democracies shifting towards Conservatism

Photo credit: Forbes. Tentative date: November 15th

Analysis of the Barriers of Women in Science from Different Cultures

Photo credit: Healthista. Tentative date: December 20th.

Lilypad Indian Jewelry

Pending date: December 15th.


This is the book that I am using to build an ROV. After going to a small workshop at the local Maritime Museum, I wanted to expand the ROVs to create a product that will check the depth of levees in New Orleans. Tentative date: January 1st